1st Prayer To The Morrigan The Crow-Feathered

I call upon The Morrigan

Great Queen, Goddess of war


The world of sleep-and-wake is a battlefield

I can no longer fight, and I want to yield

There is no man who has not been disgraced

By his own society and treated like waste

No one hears my pleas or what I have to say

So I request strength to battle the day

1st Prayer to The Morrigan

1st Bysadow Dhodho An Vorrigan An Bran-Hibluvedno

Gelwelef warnas An Vorrigan

Myghternes Veur, Duwes a bell


Gwelbatel yw an bys a kosk-a-gool

Na fella gallaf omladhaf, ha mydnyf hepkor

Yma na den pew na shamsa

Er aga fynn y wlas ha dyghtas avello skoll

Den vyth klew ow glemys bo pandra re lawl

Ytho govynyf krevder batalyas an dydh

1st Bysadow Dhodho An Vorrigan

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