Towt Skribama’at | Prayer 1

1st Prayer To Thoth Scribe of Ma’at

I call upon you Thoth, Scribe of Ma’at

God of mathematics and astrology

Of medicine, writing, and astronomy


The world I live in is a great library

Yet without a cloister quiet and solitary

I request a space that be for learning

For the knowledge would need to be discerning

To the mind immersed and dredged

As you know, for you authored all knowledge.

1st Prayer to Thoth SkribaMa’at

1st Bysadow Dhodho Towt Skribama’at

Gelwelef warnas Towt Skriba-A-Ma’at

Duw a awgrim ha redyanssteren

A fysek, skrifa, ha laghasteren


Yw ydno’n bys bewev lyvera-veur

Hwath hebdo spas taw ha hirethek

My a govynyf spas desken

Rag an godhvos ressens yw discernys

Dhodho’n brys troghys ha prevys

Dell godhes, rag skrifsys keniver godhvos

1st Bysadow Dhodho Towt SkribaMa’at

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