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The earliest Kassaboom (or who would become Kassaboom) can be traced in my ancestry back to a Dutchman named Evertz Karseboom.


Evertz Karseboom lived a short life in Groll, Netherlands in the 17th century. His son, Jan Evertzsson, emigrated to the United States when it was a British colony and settled in New York.

I could not find any information about this surname, except that it derives from the Netherlands. Therefore, I inferred that it would be in the Dutch language. I decided to divide it into two words supposedly connecting to it.

  • Karse: Old Swedish for rope basket (considering how Swedish and Dutch are in the same language family tree, I decided that there might be a connection. There might be a Dutch cognate).
  • Boom: Dutch for tree

It is entirely possible that the original Karsebooms lived in an area with trees they relied on for making rope baskets.

David Kassaboom

Apparently near the 18th century, the Karseboom became Anglicized to Kassaboom. Apparently, it was meant to be easy to understand. It was used by the grandson of Jan Evertzsson.


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